Saline Products (6)

For All Salt Water Pools

Cleans salt generator cells. An inhibited acidic product designed to remove scale to improve the efficiency of the cell to produce chlorine. For use with all salt generators.

10 strips. High range 2,000 - 6,000 ppm

For All Salt Water Pools

Helps prevent stains and scale formation in swimming pools. Helps prevent scaling of the cells in the generators. Performs well in high TDS conditions. Helps keep the silica in solution.

For All Salt Water Pools

Shock treatment. Specially formulated for salt systems. Oxidizes nitrogenous waste that accumilates in swimming pool water. Reduces the demand on the salt generator and adds clarity to the water. Helps eliminate eye irritation.

Salt for all Chlorine Generators

Fine salt crystals for quick dissolving. Pure sodium chloride designed for pools using chlorine generators. Contains no iodine or YPS.


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