An EZ one-step bromine application to sanitize and oxidize your hot tub.

Quick dissolving oxidation treatment. Completely soluble. Provides effective Bromine sanitation. Promotes water clarity. Eliminates organic waste such as perspiration, body oils, cosmetics, etc.


Magic in a Box

Your 3 in 1 Treatment!

Spa Life Magic in a Box addresses the three most important criteria to maintaining a spa’s sanitation, water balance and quality of the water.

These three products will make spa maintenance easy:

Spa Life EZ Brom is an easy to use granular form of bromine. Bromine is the recommended sanitizer for spas because it is more effective in higher bather loads and high pH ranges. The granular form gives you an instant sanitizer level so there is no waiting around to enjoy your spa. Maintain the bromine level between 3-5 ppm as recommended by Health Canada.

Spa Life Spa Magic is a multi-purpose additive for spas. It is a shock treatment, pH lock, alkalinity balance, calcium balance, clarifier and softener all in one. It eliminates the use of so many other chemicals. To be added once per week according to directions.

Naturally Aqua Natural Enzymes Spa Formulation will eliminate cloudy water, scum and odour. It keeps the filter clean by breaking down bather waste and organic accumulations. Enzymes remove the “bathtub” ring without having to scrub. It reduces the amount of sanitizer being used by breaking down biofilm and can increase the time between draining. To be added once per week according to directions.


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