Pool Overview

A clean, inviting swimming pool with sparkling clear water is not difficult for even the novice pool owner to achieve. All that is required is an understanding of your pool equipment, the water in your pool and the factors that influence both.

What Should I Do and How Often? 

The following chart is a good reference for equipment maintenance. Remember, your pool equipment includes everything from the filtration system to the deck around your pool - not to mention the pool itself.

Why is Pool Water Treatment so Important?

Chemical treatment of your pool water is necessary for two primary reasons:

  1. The water must be "balanced" so that it is neither corrosive nor scaling.
  2. The water must be "sanitized" so that it is free from harmful, infectious organisms(such as bacteria and virus), free from unsightly (though not harmful) algae growth, and free from organic wastes (from swimmers and the environment).


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