Specialty Products

Spa Life Clean

Spa Life Clean is a concentrated low sudsing cleaner especially formulated for spas. Spa Life Clean will remove the bathtub ring and other soils that can accumulate on the spa surface.
Warning: DO NOT use household detergents that can damage the spa finish and also upset the chemical balance of the water.

Spa Life Scum Free

Spa Life Scum Free is an enzyme based product that breaks down oils and scum that form in the spa. Spa Life Scum Free will help eliminate cloudy water and control odour. With improved filtration, Spa Life Scum Free will lengthen the time between drainings.

Spa Life Cover Care

Spa Life Cover Care is a combination cleaner and restorer for spa/hot tub covers. All covers over time will start to blister and crack. Spa Life Cover Care will provide protection from the elements and U.V. degradation from sunlight

InSPAration Spa Fragrance

InSPAration is a leading manufacturer of fragrances for spas, hot tubs and baths since 1978. Their unique blend of fragrances are formulated for your hot water experience, creating a relaxing environment with rich soothing aroma-therapy.

• Leaves skin soft and moisturized
• Masks chemical odours
• Safe for all surfaces
• Safe for all filters and equipment
• Will not affect pH
• Will not cause foaming
• Tested by leading acrylic manufacturers


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