Cloudy Water 

Suspended particulate matter can cause cloudy water. To keep the water sparkling clear, treat weekly with Spa Life Super Clarifier with the system running. If cloudy water is a constant problem, check TA, CH, and pH levels and bring into balance. 

Other Possible Causes:

  1. Suspended particles - Add Spa Life Super Clarifier
  2. Build-up of organic contaminants -Shock treatment with Spa Life Clor
  3. Total alkalinity too high - Add Spa Life pH Minus until TA is within 100-150 ppm 
  4. Hardness too high - Add Spa Life Secure
  5. pH too high - Adjust pH using Spa Life pH Minus until 7.4-7.8
  6. High TDS - Empty spa and refill (have water tested)
  7. Poor filtration - Clean cartidge with Spa Life Filter Free 


Foaming is caused by shampoo and soap residues, hair sprays, cleansers and even “soft” water (low TA and CH). If foaming occurs, treat by squirting Spa Life Foam Away over the surface of the water. Repeat if necessary.

Other Possible Causes:

  1. High concentration of oils and organic matter - Squirt Spa Life Foam Away over foamy area contaminants being agitated by jets
  2. Soft water - Use Spa Life Cal until CH is within 150-300 ppm

Coloured Water

If the water takes on a green or brown tint, it is probably due to metal (copper or iron) in the water. To remove colour and prevent staining, treat with recommended dose of Spa Life Secure. Repeat if necessary.

Other Possible Causes:

  1. Dissolved metals - Use Spa Life Secure and have water tested - (copper, iron, etc.) from equipment or source water
  2. Algae - Shock treat with Spa Life Clor and add non foaming algaecide

Scale Formation:

If white, chalky or hard residue forms on the sides of the spa, it is due to calcium carbonate scale formation. Also treat with Spa Life Secure and check water balance parameters.

Other Possible Causes:

  1. High calcium level - Drain partially and add Spa Life Secure
  2. pH too high - Adjust pH to 7.4-7.8
  3. Alkalinity too high - Adjust TA to 100-150 ppm by adding Spa Life pH Minus

Poor Filtration:

Approximately every 3 months, depending on TDS and usage. The spa should be drained and the filter cleaned with Spa Life Filter Free. Heavy usage will require draining more frequently.

Other Possible Causes:

  1. Skimmer basket clogged - Remove hair and other debris from skimmer basket on a regular basis
  2. Filter Cartridge clogged - Remove and clean with Spa Life Filter Free
  3. Pump not operating properly -Have a service technician examine the system


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