Specialty Products (15)

For All Salt Water Pools
Helps prevent stains and scale formation in swimming pools. Helps prevent scaling of the cells in the generators. Performs well in high TDS conditions. Helps keep the silica in solution.

Traps leaves, pine needles, bugs, etc.

Contains: Wham-O 1 L, Eliminator 1 kg,
two pouches of Super Shock 450 g.

Contains: Mizer Sticks 6.15 kg, 6 bags of Super Shock, Wham-O 1 L, Super Clarifier 1 L, and Insta Test 3.

For use on new pool installations.
Contains: Super Pucks 1 kg, Stab 900 g, pH Plus 1 kg, pH Minus 1.5 kg, Pool Guide Book.

Wham-O 1 L, Cop-Out 1 L, Brite Plus 1 kg

Filter Aid/Media

Phosphate Remover
Increases the efficiency of the Algaecide in swimming pool waters. All natural. Safe for swimming pools, ponds, and lakes.

Condition and Enhance Water Quality
A unique product developed to condition and enhance water quality. Compatible with all types of algaecides and sanitizers. Reduces eye and skin irritation and creates sparkling clear water.

Removes green, yellow, and black deposits from swimming pool water. Restores water clarity.

Rapidly Clears Up Cloudiness in Swimming Pools
A granular flocculent that removes suspended particles to produce crystal clear pool water.

“4 in 1” Water Treatment

All natural, non toxic concentrated formula. Coagulates tiny particles and oily liquids that build up in the pool water. It helps eliminate scum lines and improves filter efficiency. Makes pool water shine. Improves filter performance. Eliminates oil & scum deposits. Reduces metal buildup.

Restores Water Clarity

A superior treatment for removing suspended solids to produce crystal clear pool water. Flocculates fine particles and dead algae to the bottom of the pool.

Filter Cleaner and Scale Remover
Effectively and economically removes oil and mineral scale deposits from filter elements in order to maintain efficient filter operation and longer filter runs. Contains a solvent to emulsify sun tan lotion and body oils, etc.

For the Prevention of Metal Stains and Scale Formation in Swimming Pools
To prevent stains and scale build-up from occuring and to aid in removing existing stains and minerals such as iron, copper, and calcium.Eliminates water discoloration due to metals and minerals.


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