A natural orange based multi-purpose cleaner. Citrusolve is an excellent degreaser that will emulsify all types of soils. Can be used on pool liners, equipment, patio furniture and BBQ’s. Easy to use spray bottle.

Natural Brite is a concentrated “chitosan” based clarifier made from crustacean shells. It coagulates tiny particles and deposits them on the filter for easy removal. The results make pool water sparkle.

Use Naturally Aqua Stain Out and CuLator to remove badly stained swimming pool fiberglass stairs.
The stain vanishes before your eyes. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see a video of this product in action!

Stain Prevent is a highly concentrated formula for the prevention of metal staining and scale formation.
Stain Prevent does not contain phosphates like many sequestering agents. Have your Pool Professional test for metals in your pool water. If metals are present add the Stain Prevent to protect the pool from staining. Next add the CuLator to completely remove the metals from the water.


This powerful formula will eliminate cloudy water, scum and odour.  It keeps the filter clean by breaking down bather waste and organic accumulations. Natural Enzymes will remove “bathtub” ring without having to scrub thus reducing weekly maintenance.

Naturally Aqua Enzyme Plus is an ideal weekly maintenance product that tackles the common issues faced by pool owners: Lotion and oil buildup, algae and water clarity.

Slow Dissolving Bromine Pucks
Controls bacteria and algae in swimming pool water. Brominating Pucks are a safe and effective slow dissolving bactericide, algicide and disinfectant that, unlike other commonly used chemicals, performs well over a broad pH range.

Stabilized Chlorinating Sticks
A “Trichlor” stabilized chlorine stick that controls bacteria and algae in swimming pool water. 228 gram stabilized chlorine tablets. Slow dissolving. Designed for uniform dissolving to last longer. High chlorine content of 90%. Easier for handling. Contains stabilizer to give U.V. protection to the chlorine.


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