Stain Prevention

Everything you need for stain removal, prevention, and elimination.


A pool can be a beautiful addition to any backyard. Metal stains can ruin their appearance and can become an eye sore. Whether the pool is concrete, vinyl liner, or fibreglass, Lawrason's offers a product to 1) remove the stains 2) prevent further staining 3) take the metal completely out of the water.

Metals can come into the pool from several sources.

  • The most common is the tap water depending on the region where you live. Well water is susceptible to copper, iron, and manganese.
  • Water balance also plays a large role. Low pH or alkalinity can corrode metal pieces of pool equipment especially heaters.
  • Copper based algaecide and ionization systems all add metals to pool water.

Once the appearance of a stain on the pool surface is noticeable take a water sample to a professional pool dealer for analysis. Not all stains are metal based. Once metal has been detected add a bottle of Naturally Aqua Stain Prevent to sequester the metals from further staining.

For large stains add Naturally Aqua Stain Out according to directions. This product will be added first and then add Naturally Aqua Stain Prevent.

Small stains from hair clips, nails, can be easily removed with Aqua Stain Erase.

Permanently remove metals from pool water with CuLator. Simply place a CuLator bag in the pool skimmer and it acts like a magnet drawing all metals to it. If your source water contains metals or you have a fibreglass pool, CuLator should always be used to prevent staining.

These four products will solve all your metal staining problems!


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