Pool Soft Supreme

A unique product developed to condition and enhance water quality.

It is compatible with all types of algaecides and sanitizers. Aqua Pool Soft Supreme reduces eye and skin irritation and creates sparkling clear water.


• Soft and silky water
• Less eye irritation
• Helps prevent algae
• Sparkling clear water


For initial application, add 2 kg of Aqua Pool Soft Supreme for each 10,000 litres of pool water by broadcasting the material over the surface of the pool with the pump and filter running. This initial treatment should be added in two even doses. Allow pool water to circulate for 1-2 hours after application.

aqua poolsoftsupreme 8kg

Aqua Pool Soft Supreme should be maintained at 20 ppm and should be tested by a professional pool dealer monthly. lt is only lost from the water by filter backwash, splashout or lowering pool water level. Adding 150 grams of Pool Soft Supreme per 10,000 litres of water will raise the level approximately 2 ppm.


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