CuLator is the easy way to rid pools and spas of metals like copper, nickel, manganese, cobalt, silver and iron - contaminants which stain pool walls and hardware and turn water cloudy.

No more measuring. No more handling messy, harmful chemicals. CuLator is a powder chelator conveniently packaged in individual flow-through bags. Simply place a CuLator bag in your pool or spa skimmer...that’s it! After one month, remove the used, biodegradable CuLator bag and throw it away with regular household trash. Replace with a fresh CuLator bag to keep your pool or spa metal-free. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see a video of this product in action!

Additional Info

  • Brand: Naturally Aqua
  • Code: 29901C00
Last modified on Monday, 25 May 2020 15:39

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