Specialty Products (12)

Contains: EZ Brom, Natural Enzymes Spa Formulation, Spa Magic, Insta Test 3

Developed to condition and enhance water quality. It is compatible with all types of algaecides and sanitizers. SPA LIFE SPA SOFT SUPREME reduces eye and skin irritation and promotes sparkling clear water.

Used to remove phosphates from water. Phosphates will coat the plates on a salt water generator and will reduce its efficiency. Phosphates will also create a chlorine and bromine demand.

A combination sealer, polish and cleaner made from silicones. When applied, it will help protect your spa surface from chemicals, temperature and sunlight, apply every six months or as required.

A combination cleaner and restorer for spa/hot tub covers. It will provide protection from the elements and U.V. Degradation from sunlight.

A low sudsing clean to remove dirt and calcium spots.

A weekly treatment used to keep spa water sparkling. It prevents oil and scum buildup without clogging the filter.

Eliminates scum line and oil build-up.

Removes most soils from the filter and its elements.
Periodic use of this product improves filtration,
longer filter runs and lower maintenance costs.

An effective and safe defoaming agent for spas, hot tubs, swimming pools and fountains.


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