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Removes Body Oils & Lotions from Spa Water

Contains: Spa Clor 700 g, Foam Away 500 ml, Secure 500 ml, Super Clarifier 500 ml, Filter Free 500 ml, pH Minus 950 ml, Buffer 750 ml, Insta Test 3 (Test Strips) (plus spa guide booklet)

Contains: Bromine Tabs, Shock, Secure, Clarifier, Buffer, Filter Cleaner, Bromine Boost, Float Feeder, Test Strips. (plus spa guide booklet)

For Bromine and Chlorine Tablets

Contains: EZ Brom, Natural Enzymes Spa Formulation, Spa Magic, Insta Test 3

Developed to condition and enhance water quality. It is compatible with all types of algaecides and sanitizers. SPA LIFE SPA SOFT SUPREME reduces eye and skin irritation and promotes sparkling clear water.

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